Treat your self to a moment of bliss.

Our treatments embody a lifestyle approach. Each treatment is customized from within our skin care collection, our products are crafted with nature’s most exquisite and vital botanical extracts, complex with therapeutic grade essential oils, clays, and plant butter. Each treatment is designed to provide balance, stimulating the body, mind, and the senses.

Facials Services

Experience blissful tranquility, clarity, and radiance.

Pure excellence, surrendering to a therapeutic facial with a fusion massage rendering calmness and relaxation and surrounding you with sensorial aromatics to soothe the senses.

Muse Rose Facial

60 min. 85.00

Muse Rose protects the defense barrier, a gentle soothing treatment that includes ingredients that detoxify, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Vitamin C Facial 
70 min | 95.00
Pure Vitamin C a High-performance facial is designed to recapture that glowing luminosity of youthful skin and bringing out a more translucent radiance.

 The Stem Perfecta Facial 

 All skin, 35 yrs & up

  75 min | $$$ 


A generating signature facial for anti-aging, this facial infuses protein-rich extracts, growth factors, cytokines to the skin with beneficial actives that a non-invasive modalitiy helping to escalate the natural anti-aging process. 

Oxygen Facial 
60min. | $95.00   
All skin types 
The Oxygen Facial Treatment helps to address the deficiency of the skin by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules, infusing the epidermis with nourishing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, regenerating skin cells for a healthy vibrant complexion.

Teen Acne Facial 

60 min  |. 75.00

A customized treatment designed for acne-prone skin to kill the P. bacteria and sebum blockage that many teens are suffering from.  

Ultrasound Facial 
60 min. $95.00
Give your face a high tech workout.
Ultrasound wave rhythms stimulate collagen synthesis known as protein, and the skin's elasticity working deep past the top layers of the epidermis giving your skin a workout restoring clarity and firmness.

Signature Custom Facial 

$ 150.00  |  80 min

Our most potent, signature facial combines three skincare modalities, for your specific skin type and concerns.

A superlative facial helps to firm, hydrate, correct, and clarify the skin, texture, look, and feel.

Omni Lux LED Light Treatment 


Infrared LED

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Facial Therapy  &  Add on Treatment

Add on Treatments give a boost to your skin, with nourishing actives to restore, and replenish your skin for a smoother texture, clarity, and radiance.

Face Waxing 15 to 30 minutes

Eyebrows  waxing | $15.00   |  20 minutes

Chin Waxing | $15.00  | 20 minutes

Upper Lip waxing | $15.00.   |  15 minutes

Rezenerate ~ Nano Technology
Add on to targeted areas - $30.00
eye, forehead, lip area.
Nano-technology allows the transport of active ingredients, drastically reduces fine lines and leaves your skin looking and feeling younger. 


 Celluma LED Light Therapy

  add - on 20 min | $15.00

Celluma light therapy works safely and effectively, without abrasive chemicals, to destroy the P-acne bacteria and minimizing existing blemishes.

add-on $15.00
We Use Microcrystals to exfoliate the top layer of lifeless dull skin. This process helps to improve the texture of the skin while minimizing acne scarring and sun damage for a more clear complexion.

Diamond Peel

A technique using a diamond-tip wand to exfoliate the top layers of the epidermis gently abrades and polishes the skin removing dead skin cells and safe to perform around the eyes area.


Mytonology (micro-current) 
 75min / $85.00
Strengthen, Lift, Tone
Microcurrent treatments can re-educate and restore facial tone, strengthen, tighten, and promote lifting of the facial muscles, stimulating collagen synthesis. 

 Micro-Needling & Micro Gold Stamping

30 min. |. $95.00

Micro-Needling and Microstamping involve using a tiny micro-channeling device to infuse a complex of specialty serums strategically blended delivering ingredients into the superficial layer of the skin to hydrate and restore more firmness helping to minimize fine lines and wrinkles

 Face and Body Peels    
Peels are formulated control and correct different skin conditions. facial peels help to improve skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scarring while combating acne breakouts, uneven pigment, and skin discolorations.
​​Vitamin C,  Lactic Acid ​,  Mandalic Acid,  Glycolic Acid​ Salicylic Acid​,   Retinol Peel,  Arginine Peel.
Our products are. Cruelty Free 
Phthalate Free

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