Meet Elisabeth 


Elisabeth (Liz) Cortes, Torres, para-medical aesthetician, a leader, and innovator with 30 yrs of experience and knowledge in the cosmetic industry for health, beauty, and wellness. Imagine! Plant-based actives that restore balance while nourishing and regenerating the skin for a healthy complexion.

Our facials are designed to impart nourishing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants utilizing complementary therapies, advanced modalities with beneficial results.


My vision stems from reading and the research of medicinal plants and their curative actives, and how to maintain and rebuilt healthy skin without the chemicals that are so harmful.

My passion has been in the studies of advanced esthetics for corrective, preventive, and restorative skincare utilizing a more natural approach without the harmful effects of parabens and chemicals. 



Our products are. Cruelty Free 
Phthalate Free

Holistic Beauty By Elisabeth Cortes

Lewisville Texas 75056