A Little Bit About Me.

Welcome to my website and, let me share with you a little bit about me.

My name is Liz Torres I am one of the pioneers, and innovators in the cosmetic and beauty industry. My passion for health and beauty stems from knowledge, experience, and transparency that are so valued by all. 

I have been in the industry for 30  years and loving every moment.

The key to great success is LOVE, Knowledge, and Caring.

My Story

My story begins with education, knowledge, and passion to follow my dream. 

As a licensed cosmetologist, I Studied makeup artistry with Mark Traynor, the makeup artist to the stars. 

He was amazing, His compliment to me was that I would be known for blending and natural look.

I completed my course of study at the Lancome Institute De Beaute to become a European-trained esthetician and received my diploma.  I began a certification course in paramedical skincare studies and continuing education in advanced skincare and technology, my studies and research, and my passion for the beauty and cosmetic industry are never-ending. In 2010 I opened the doors to my holistic skincare practice.

My journey was just beginning from New York to Florida and Texas.

Let's Stay Connected

I'm always looking for new and exciting technologies.

Let's connect.

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