Face and Body Peel's

Face, Chest, Legs, Arms, and Back peel 

30 to 60 min treatment, depending on peel treatment.

Keep your skin in check with our natural professional face and body peels.

We offer a variety of peels to address your skin care needs, whether its acne, sun damage or anti-aging a series of peels will help to reduce lifeless skin cells, improve tone, texture, refine lines and wrinkles.

We offer a variety of Peel's for acne, skin lightening, anti-aging, age spots helping in maintaining a flawless, healthy complexion.

All skin types

Except for very sensitive skin.


  • $ 65.00 - Glycolic Acid, is the smallest of molecules known to penetrate into the stratum corneum and eliminate dead cells while stimulating cell turnover for an event tone and smoother skin texture. concentration is done in a series for best results.  < 30% 40%, 50%, 60% >

 Oily, Acne skin type

  • $ 60.00 - Salicylic Acid, is anti-inflammatory (inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins), antipruritic, antiseptic, antimicrobial and helps, reduce(the population of Propionibacterium ), and helps to clear clogged pores with repeated use.


Anti-Aging - Mature Skin


$85.00 - Retinol Peel, 

skin regeneration and helps reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin as it promotes a more supple and tone skin texture.​​

A mild exfoliation after 3 to 4 days

Sensitive skin.


  • $55.00 - Arginine Peel, an amino acid derived from the fermentation and purification of plant carbohydrates (sugar cane). It is a relatively large molecule and for that reason, its penetration through the stratum corneum is very slow, hence there is no irritation, itching or stinging.

This peel is great for sensitive skins who are intolerant to other peels for redefining the surface of the skin.


  • 85.00 - Mandelac C peel is a blend of AHA and Vitamin C that address stubborn hyperpigmentation due to sun damage. This medium strength peel is most appropriate for a normal to dry skin type and is safe for all skin tones. This peel also addresses fine lines, wrinkles, and hormonal acne while giving your skin a healthy glow. 

  • $ 55.00 - Lactic Acid the gentler peel works effectively to give your skin a major glow, even on its dullest day. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that's essentially from sour milk used to produce a smooth skin and balance your skin's PH level.