Moisturizers & Resurfacing Creams

Nourish, Sheild, Hydrate, Protect, and Clarify.

Moisturizing your skin daily provides anti-aging benefits, A daily dose for a well-balanced and hydrated skin.

Nourishing creams with potent anti-aging actives for long term results.


Queen Bee Cream

anti bacterial, anti-microbial

1.oz. | $ 55.00

Anti-Age, Sensitive, and Dry Skin 

A highly effective daily moisturizer, fortified with properties fight the bacteria and microbes that keep your skin in a reactive state.

 Hyaluronic Hydrating Lotion 

1.oz  |. 45.00


 Normal|  Acne | Sensitive skin

keep your skin hydrated with our elegant lotion, formulated with hyaluronic to hydrate and fortify the appearance of the skin.

Glycolique Exfoliating Cream        

(Out of Stock)

PH. 3.0 (+/-0.2)  / 10% AHA

1 oz |. 35.00

Glycolic Acid, a beloved Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) at 10% is used as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, smooth skin texture, minimize acne scarring and skin discolorations for a more clear complexion.

Non- invasive.

Sunburn alert: use of full-spectrum SPF is recommended.

Not recommended for very sensitive skins.



 Retinal Cream (Retinaldehyde)

1.oz | 75.00

PH 5.3 (+/-0.2)  

Anti-Age | Normal | Mature Skin

Iconic A is a stable active retinoid providing anti-aging (stem-cell) improvements through an invisible form of exfoliation of the skin.

Retinal renews and helps to restore the essential beauty of your skin in long term results.


 Recovery Cream

1.oz  |  45.00


Restore - Shield & Protect

anti-aging,| dry, sensitive skin

An oil-free moisturizer formulated with probiotic, anti-age properties that offer the most exceptional hydrating benefits to shield and protect the skin.

Matte Lux Clarifying Gel      

1.oz | 65.00

Clarifying | Acne Prone 

Normal | Sensitive skin

 Clarify and control skin inflammations due to rosacea and acne problematic skin

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