Moisturizing your skin daily provides probiotics, anti-aging benefits, helping to retain a well-hydrated skin with nourishing moisturizing regime.

If your skin is oily, dry or just perfectly fine daily use will leave your skin feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


 Hyaluronic Lotion 

1.7oz  |. 45.00

Probiotic & Hydrating

 Normal | Sensitive skin

A Light, elegant hyaluronic lotion to hydrate and fortify the appearance of the skin.

Recovery Cream

1.7oz  |  45.00


Restore - Shield - Protect

anti-aging,| dry, sensitive skin

An oil-free moisturizer

 & probiotic, anti-age properties that offers the most exceptional hydrating benefits.

Glycolique Exfoliating Cream 

PH. 3.0 (+/-0.2)  / 10% AHA

1 oz |. 35.00

Glycolic Acid, a beloved Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) used as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, smooth skin texture.

Sunburn alert: use full spectrum SPF is recommended.

Not recommended for very sensitive skins.



Queen Bee Cream

anti bacterial, anti-microbial

1.7oz. | $ 55.00

Anti-Age, Sensitive, and Dry Skin 

A highly effective daily moisturizer, fortified with properties fight the bacteria and microbes that keep your skin in a reactive state.

Retinaldehyde Cream (Retinal) 

1.7oz | 75.00

PH 5.3 (+/-0.2)  

Anti-Age | Normal | Mature Skin

Retinal A Plant stem cell for anti-aging improvements through toxin elimination, skin lifespan extension, and natural skin renewal.

 GHC - Y - Force Lotion HP (Stem Protein Lotion)

 Milky Serum


Sensitive, Rosacea, Mature 

A light milky moisturizing lotion helps to target skin conditions from hormonal imbalances.

 GHC HP-placental extracts, for topical use only 

Matte Lux Clarifying Gel

1.7oz | 65.00

Clarifying | Acne Prone 

Normal | Sensitive skin

 Clarify and control skin inflammations due to rosacea and acne problematic skin

Cruelty Free 
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Sulfate Free
Organic Farming