Omnilux Light Treatments 

The Omnilux TM- treatment emits light at specific, narrowband wavelengths

to ensure optimal photo-biomodulation of target skin cells and maximum treatment efficacy in a wide range of dermatological conditions including acne vulgaris, periorbital wrinkles, non-melanoma skin cancers, and combination therapies.


Revive Rejuvenating Photo Therapy 

20 minutes session

series of 6 is recommended
(special price reduction on packages)
Omnilux revives red light offers a variety of applications including skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, dyschromia of the skin such as pigmentation and rosacea, Omnilux revives both rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effects.
I have worked with the revive led for acne with amazing results.
 The Omnilux revive red light is absorbed in the cellular mitochondria and stimulates ATP production leading to increased cellular action potential and enhanced cell vitality. The red light potently is absorbed by the fibroblasts, with a subsequent increase in the speed and efficiency of neo-collagen synthesis. Turnover of aged collagen and elastin fibers results from light stimulation of metalloproteinases (MMPs.)
Omnilux Plus,  Therapy
20 min session 
a series of 6 is recommended 
(special price reduction on packages)
The most profoundly penetrating wavelength, is the infrared light therapy it works indirectly through cell membrane absorption to stimulate complex cellular processes that result in increased collagen, elastin and growth factor production to treat the visible signs of photo-damage and stimulate cellular repair mechanisms that is essential in the healing process. 

The combined effect leaves the skin fuller and tighter in appearance.

Light-stimulated neo-vascularisation in the treatment area means greater perfusion to the skin, increased oxygenation, and removal of toxins and a more glowing residual appearance.


Omnilux plus and Omnilux Revive light helps to achieve optimum efficacy in photo rejuvenation.
20 min sessions.
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