Elisabeth,  Master aesthetician holds various Licenses, diplomas and certification's.

Oncology, Aromatherapist, Makeup artist, Enzyme Layering by Jeneal,  Ayurveda Rejuvenating Facial, Shirodhara, Myotonology (micro-current treatments), by United Health, Face & Body Peels, Derma-Plaining, Micro-Needling, Lymphatic Facials, Omnilux LED,  ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment, Lancôme's Pampering French Facial. 


Treat your self to a relaxing time of blissful replenishment.

Our treatments epitomize a holistic approach with a special touch. Each treatment is customized from within our skin care collection, our products are crafted with nature’s most exquisite and vital botanical extracts, complex with therapeutic grade essential oils, clays, and plant butter.

Each treatment is designed to provide balance, replenishment, stimulating the body, mind, and the senses.

Facial Treatments

Experience blissful tranquility, clarity, and radiance.

Pure excellence, surrendering to a therapeutic facial with a fusion massage rendering calmness and relaxation and surrounding you with sensorial aromatics to soothe the senses.

 Fluoroxygen+C Facial Therapy
70 min | 105.00
FluorOxygen+C is a High-performance facial with brightening  effects, designed to recapture a  glowing luminosity of youthful skin and bringing out a translucent radiance, as it treats the skins discolorations and pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, post acne scarring, environmental factors, UV exposure, and the natural process of aging.

 Wish Facial Therapy

Mature -Anti-aging 

60 min | 85.00

An innovative anti-aging  treatment. 

Using a combine multi-modalities to  lift, tone and help boost the skin's natural anti-ageing mechanisms with a rich blend of active ingredients helping to ensure long term improvements of the skin.

Oxygen Facial  | ECHO2 Plus
60min. | $75.00   
All skin types
 Oxygen therapy helps to revive the complexion with 87 different micellized vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, using pure oxygen to help stimulate the regeneration of healthy new cells transporting vital nutrients directly through the epidermis.
The oxygen absorbs the actives into the skin for a smoother, plumper complexion, restoring a healthy glow.
Micro-current Facial Toning          
 75min / $95.00
Restore facial tone and strengthen and lift  facial muscles  with gentle currents, facial muscles are re-educated, tone and strengthen, stimulating the skin with renewed firmness helping to boost collagen synthesis and loss of elasticity, renew the skin's texture and restore uplifting results.
A series is recommended. (price reduction)
 Omni Lux LED Therapy
40 min + 
Anti-inflammatory ( Infared )
 (infar-red )
Omnilux is the most profoundly penetrating wavelength, (infrared light), works indirectly through the cell membrane for absorption stimulating cellular repair mechanisms essential in the healing process. 
Photo Rejuvenation   ( Red )
40 minutes + 
Gentle therapeutic wavelengths stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative process, stimulating fibroblasts, enhancing collagen, elastin and growth factor production to treat the visible signs of photo-damage restoring skin renewal, unveiling a toned and vibrant complexion. 
Facial Therapy Add-on

Add on Treatments complement your skin, helping to restore, control and revive a smoother skin texture, restore balance, clarity and radiance.

Facial Waxing 15 to 30 minutes

Eyebrows  waxing | $1500   |  15minutes

Chin Waxing | $15.00  | 15 minutes

Upper Lip waxing | $15.00 .   |  15 minutes

Rezenerate ~ Nano Technology
Nano-technology allows the transport of active ingredients to the location where the skin needs them most, achieving in-depth treatments that were previously impossible. Rezenerate acts as an infusion catalyst, assisting the products and serums 

This technique increases the efficiency and stability of active ingredients and decreases their toxicity.


 Celluma Light Therapy

40 min

Celluma light therapy works safely and effectively, without abrasive chemicals, to destroy the P-acne bacteria and minimizing existing blemishes.

Blue and Red light therapy work safely together to effectively destroy the acne P. bacteria, reduce cystic acne and helping to minimize inflammation.. 
We Use Micro- crystals  and or Organic grains,
to exfoliate the top layer of lifeless dull skin. This process helps to improve the texture of the skin while minimizing acne scarring and sun damage for a more clear complexion.
Ultrasound Exfoliation Treatment 
For a creme de la creme treatment
Ultrasound  helps by emitting ultrasonic waves stimulating the epidermis while exfoliating the top layers by lifting and removing imbedded impurities 

Diamond tip abrasion

non-crystal  technique a diamond-tip wand gently abrades as it exfoliates the top layers of the epidermis , it abrades and polishes the skin to reveal a smoother skin texture.

The diamond-tip abrasion is safer to perform closer to the eyes area and its great treatment for sensitive skin


 Face and Body Peels   
Mediderm, Sesderma and Chiral, PCA Peels
Nowadays, peels are considered a good less invasive option that help maintain beautiful skin, and inhibits the aging effects. 
There are many types of peel all formulated to address different skin conditions.
Peels help promote improved skin tone, and texture helping to minimize, fine lines and wrinkles for a
clear complexion.
Peels minimize acne scarring while combating acne break outs, uneven pigment skin and discolorations.
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