Eye Care Essentials

The purest, and most luxurious eye formulas created for the sole purpose of the face’s most delicate area,  Our eyes.

We offer a variety of three different eye care formulas to address your eye care priorities complexed with nourishing therapeutic plant essence.

Soothe, Cool, and Hydrate Tired Eyes. 

35.00 | 15 ml

An essential blend of actives for the  most delicate area of the skin your eyes. Combined with an array of nourishing, hydrating and cooling effects to protect against environmental aggressors, helping to reduce the look of skin fatigue and reduce puffiness.

D'Puff Eye Cream

Awaking Eye Cremè


Firming Actives & Pepetide

45.00 | 15 ml

A silky  luxurious anti-aging eye cream, loaded with vital antioxidants A, C, E, is non-irritating. 

It moisturizes, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin around the eyes, restoring tone to the delicate eye area.


 Firming Eye Lift

A potent antioxidant eye concentrate.

65.00  | 0.20 oz

This serum is fortified to help protect, conditions the structure of delicate eye area.

Superior hydrating replenishment, when you need a surge of hydration with a potent antioxidant power house.

Opal Eye Serum

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